Father of the Groom Speech Example

father of the groom speech exampleI bet you’ve all been looking for a groom’s father speech example at some point in your lives. This is why I have decided to give out a well-constructed, but simple wedding speech example. However, we must point out a few things before beginning with the example. First of all, this example should only be taken as a small tutorial or guideline as to how a father of the groom speech is constructed. You must also understand that different styles can be used with wedding speeches, so don’t be surprised if you find a sample somewhere else and then you find that other sample closer to your heart or more appropriate to your expectations.

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Also, I do not encourage using this speech as it is. You should take your time to change it to a  speech which is truly adequate for your son, for his new wife and of course for the rest of the family and guests. So, here we go!

“Good afternoon, everyone! My name is Mike, I am the father of Brian, and I would like to welcome you all to this amazing wedding ceremony we have organized for Brian and Melinda. I am truly thankful to those of you, who have traveled at least one thousand miles to get there, but of course, I am also thankful to those who live nearby, but still made honored our invitation.

I would like to thank my beautiful wife, Sarah for giving birth to such a good man as Brian is. I will always be thankful that I had the opportunity to raise Brian. I must honestly tell you and please do understand that I am speaking after my own heart with my entire honesty: Brian is one of the most hard working and honest persons I ever met. I remember the time when he was just a teenager and we had to build his tree house. I wanted to build it myself, I told him that he can go hang out with his friends, because I will be able to handle it myself, but no. Brian just came there every single day and worked with me until he was full of sweat.I also remember the time he met Melinda. They were both 17 years old and Brian just came home with a smile and happiness we’ve rarely seen before and told us that he met the most beautiful and lovable girl from this city. Then, after a couple of weeks, we had the opportunity to meet Melinda and we loved her from the beginning. I remember that Brian seemed to be happier and happier as days went by.So now, here we are, Brian and Melinda are really married! I must say that I welcome Melinda into my family and I must also add that I am grateful that I’ve lived long enough to see my family grow, because now we have a great union of two amazing families here, which will bring us all a lot of good memories and things to share.I am also thankful to Melinda’s parents, because they have obviously contributed the best way they could, to make this event happen.

As a piece of advice to the newlyweds, I only want to say that you should always be there for each other, understand each other and care about yourselves and the people around you as well. Make sure that once you have children, they won’t need to suffer from your arguments or misunderstandings. Also make sure that you don’t neglect family members and you don’t neglect friends.

Thank you for listening – let’s stand up for a toast to the happy marriage of Brian and Melinda! Cheers everyone!”

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