Father of the Groom Wedding Speech Examples

Examples of a father of the groom wedding speech was something that back when I started making my speech I never really took advantage of straight away. It was only at the last minute and it complete chaos and stress that I found a set of examples and templates that broke the writers block I was struggling with. I wholeheartedly recommend using templates and examples as a way of keeping you on track from beginning to end. After all you want to deliver a rounded professional speech that is memorable. Think of it as a personal responsibility as a father and a special wedding gift all wrapped up in one.

Finding good Father of the Groom examples that allow room for your personality!

The great thing about father of the groom example speeches is that they will allow you to keep focused from beginning to end. They allow you to fill in the blanks to create a very unique and person speech for your sons wedding.

Some examples work like a template other work like a questions and answers fashion. Personally I found that the example styles worked better and with good documentation you really get to understand what each part is aiming to achieve.

Each example template may look different but here are the sections that I connected with the most when formalizing my speech:

  • The beginning. This is normally dependent on who has gone before you. Find out what order the speeches will take and you will have a great edge to look natural. The beginning of your speech is the most stressful for you so it is best to move the attention away from you and to those seated next to you. You do this by thanking those closes to you and then moving away from you into the tables. This gives you the and the audience a chance to relax into your speech. You can then pause and relax and start getting more personal.
  • The second section is normally a story, something personal, from your perspective. You will have the audience on the edge of their seats waiting for you to say something embarrassing. But what you do instead is give a very personal speech about a big moment in your life. Such as the moment that you first met the bride. Or the day that your son asked for permission to marry the bride.
  • Emotions about the wedding. Everyone or at least most of the people in the room have just going through the wedding ceremony. To speak about this is automatically perceived as improvisation and natural. But of cause you can write an rehearse a speech about how proud you were when you saw how happy your son was today.
  • Some examples give jokes that you may like to try. Humor is tricky but if done correctly makes the speech very memorable.
  • Speeking about the groom your son in a personal way. “When he did this I knew that when he grew up he would make me the proudest father in the worlds. Its nice to be right for a change…” always works and is very personal and therefore unique.
  • The examples should provide moments and methods to get the audience engaged. There is a lot going on around you with waiters and waitresses serving and collecting plates. Children crying and the like. Grabbing the audiences attention every few moments with a pause here and there works wonders. Timing is everything so they say.

These are a few of the points that I penciled in a list, taking from a set of 50 examples I found on the internet. There are many more good examples and points that you can combine together to make your speech work for you. But in essence the speech is like a story. It should be well rounded. Have a captivating beginning, an interesting middle and a lovely ending. A good set of father of the groom speech examples will allow you to fill in the blanks and remove the writers block. Getting overwhelmed by the challenge at first is natural. But by focusing and using good examples written by professionals it will all start to make more sense very quickly indeed.

If you need some examples then I suggest that you do as I did and looked to the internet. There are plenty of good example speech sites. I found one that required paying a few dollars for but I found that the examples were to a much higher standard which just made the whole process quicker and cleaner. But look for some examples you feel are right for your personality, after all you are aiming on filling in the gaps and getting a great speech, not writing a complete masterpiece on your own.

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